Equipment Leasing

In addition to renting for short term, J.R. Brisson Equipment will arrange long term leases of equipment with competitive rates.


What is a Lease?

Leasing allows companies to acquire equipment using alternative forms of financing providing economic options to satisfy accounting, tax and equipment needs. 

Increased cash flows and preservation of line of credit are additional benefits of leasing. 

It's all about becoming more productive and profitable. 

That's what leasing can do. 

Because you only pay for the use of the equipment, you can reduce up-front payments to conserve capital. 

Plus, you gain the advantage of working with the latest technology. 

More productive equipment for less money. 

There are plenty of ways to structure a lease with the variety of operating or finance leases.


Capital Lease Offering:




What is an Operating Lease?

An operating lease allows the lessee to acquire the use of equipment for a fixed cost.

Additional services such as maintenance, extended warranty, and insurance may be provided by the lessor and bundled into one convenient monthly payment.


Operating leases are a good consideration if you:


This material is intended to provide general information. The contents do not constitute legal and/or professional advice and should not be relied upon as such. Formal legal and/or professional advice should be sought in particular matters.

Consult an accountant or tax advisor for further advisement.





What is a Finance Lease?

Typically, a finance lease is a full-payout lease with a nominal lease end purchase option.

Finance leases are a good consideration if you:


Leasing is a good option when considering the following:


Accounting Treatment


Tax Concerns


Equipment Impact


What are some benefits of Leasing?


Cash Management


Leasing frees up working capital. Payments are typically much lower than retail loan financing. There are no down payments on Operating Leases, unlike retail loans which may be structured with a 10%-20% down payment. Fixed monthly/annual payments eliminate any uncertainty regarding future costs allowing the customer to accurately forecast their cash flow.


Special Cash Flow Needs


Efficiency and Convenience


Off Balance Sheet Treatment

Lease payments may be treated as an expense instead of additional debt.

Leases may provide certain tax advantages. Balance sheet ratios will be improved, making your financial position stronger, more liquid as well as more profitable. Asset base is lowered and in turn will increase reported earnings and helps report a higher return on assets.

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