Rental Conditions

-Renter must carry contractor’s insurance or limited liability insurance to cover the rental machine.


-Customer is responsible for any damage that occurs to the unit during the rental period including but not limited to tires, glasses, tracks, excessive wear, etc.


-Customer has to provide at his expense insurance against loss to unit while he is renting it.


-Most brands of new or used equipment rented may be eligible for Loss Damage Waiver coverage if the customer wants to pay for this coverage instead of supplying his own property damage insurance. This covers perils such as collision, overturns, earthquake, theft, fire, tornado, flood, vandalism, hail and wind.  Please note that the Loss Damage Waiver does not cover personal injuries resulting from the machine there and only covers the machine itself. Customer is still responsible to supply liability insurance.


-All rates to be paid in advance


-Rates are based on 8 hours per day maximum, 5 work days per week. Any extra hours will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Winter snow removal usage rentals are adjusted to less hours of use per rental period.


-Transportation costs are not included in the rental rate. J.R. Brisson Equip can make arrangements for transportation and invoice the lessee or customer can arrange transportation at his own cost.


-Cleanup charges will be assessed upon return of dirty equipment


-Rental rates starts when equipment leaves our yard and stops when it is returned to us.


-Customer is responsible for normal daily maintenance like but not limited to greasing, checking for proper tire  inflation, air filter cleaning, etc.


-Customer is responsible for safe operation of machines and for providing qualified operators.


-Fuel charges will apply for fuel used, fuel charges will vary.



Prices and conditions are subject to change at any time.